July 07, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Boris fighting Londons corner on housing benefit cuts? Really?!

  • the government’s case for its benefit caps and cuts
  • Academics and campaigners have been warning about hundreds of families having to take their children out of their schools, tens of thousands of households becoming homeless, and the bill to the Treasury rising ever since the reforms were announced
  • According to Nico Heslop, Private Secretary to Secretary of State Eric Pickles, the total benefit cap of £26,000 and the housing benefit caps could make 40,000 households homeless
  • In all, 81 per cent of the 6,234 households in receipt of housing benefit renting in the private sector in the borough will be affected
  • The extra cost of handling these homelessness acceptances and arranging temporary accommodation for people, he wrote, will probably “generate a net cost”, wiping out any savings they might have made by picking the pockets of the poor

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