May 29, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Man Builds Electric Chair

It was not sophisticated but it could have been very effective.

  • Andrew Castle, 61, rigged up a homemade electric chair after his wife, Margaret, said she wanted a divorce When Andrew Castle's wife of 18 years asked him for a divorce, his response was to rig up a homemade electric chair in his garage and try to kill her
  • After inviting Margaret Castle into the garage "for a chat", he sat her in the metal chair, intending to knock her unconscious with a rubber cosh before connecting the impromptu device to the mains
  • Neighbours said the couple, who went on walking and cruising holidays together, appeared to be happy and content until March this year when she told him she wanted to end the marriage
  • Mrs Castle was treated for minor head injuries at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary

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