July 03, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Scots firms lagging on Olympic opportunities

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  • FEARS that businesses in Scotland could fail to capitalise on the London Olympics were raised yesterday when a survey suggested that more than half of Scottish companies admit they are behind in their preparations for the event
  • The survey found that they were behind despite 96 per cent of Scottish firms intending to assess the challenges and opportunities presented by the 2012 games
  • A UK wide survey by the business advisory firm Deloitte found that 53 per cent of firms in Scotland said they were behind schedule compared with 38 per cent in the rest of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • "Not only should businesses north of the Border be looking at London 2012 as a dry run for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, there are many logistical considersations that need to be taken into account to ensure businesses are not negatively affected by London

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