May 30, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Huffington Post Rivals: Dead-Tree Newspapers & The Beeb

  • Arianna Huffington is taking a huge gamble by launching the Huffington Post outside North America; although the site will be using the same recipe to replicate its success in the UK and in mainland Europe, things are slightly different once you cross the US frontiers
  • Most of these media groups have both printed newspapers (Guardian, Times, The Sun, Dailymail) supported by award winning websites
  • Over here, the media landscape is in stark contrast with its US counterpart; competition is vibrant and there are an abnormally large number of media groups competing amongst each other for a relatively small number of readers
  • The UK also has a unique proposition; the BBC, as a public news organisation, is significantly more powerful both commercially and content wise, than its nearest US equivalent PBS
  • The Canadian version of the Huffington Post, which was launched at the end of May 2011, is currently listed amongst the first 300 websites in the country with roughly 70,000 unique visitors according to, 300 times less than its US counterpart

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