May 23, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Anthony not guilty of killing daughter

we all need to stop and look and think twice about a country that decides to kill its own citizens.

  • In a sign that jurors had little difficulty reaching a verdict, the jury did not ask to review any evidence and reached a decision in fewer than 11 hours
  • After nearly six weeks of testimony, a jury of seven women and five men rejected the prosecution's contention that Anthony had murdered Caylee by dosing her with chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape and dumping her body in a wooded area
  • They did, however, find her guilty of lesser charges of providing false information to law enforcement officers
  • After the jury left the courtroom, she broke down and sobbed, hugging her defense attorney, Jose Baez, tightly
  • Jurors, who were imported from the Clearwater area and had been sequestered for six weeks, declined to talk with reporters and returned home to Pinellas County

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