May 27, 2015
Wed 06 Jul 2011

Group aboard capsized Baja fishing boat were friends and relatives

I've never seen my husband this upset before,

  • Many of the 43 aboard were left swimming to shore that was two miles away or hanging on to life rafts and ice chests for upward of 16 hours
  • Divers in a larger map have been called in to search the cabins, but they won't begin until the end of the week, said Escobedo Ortiz, the Mexican director of civil protection agency for the state of Baja California
  • "He says he was in his cabin, he was fortunate
  • Lee, Ikegami and Yee, who died, had been friends since the early 1970s, when they met while living in the same apartment building on Clement Street in San Francisco
  • He could open his door," Murphy Ikegami said

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