July 04, 2015
Wed 06 Jul 2011

TSA warns of implant bombers, prepares fliers for swab tests

many Americans does not strike Zoltan Prokay as far-fetched.

  • He was flying out of San Jose as a pilot for a private airline, which he declined to identify, when word of the TSA advisory began to spread
  • "It's already so difficult with all the screening devices, maybe they should just spray everybody with those swabs,'' said Marilu Nieto, who brought her grandson to Mineta San Jose International Airport Wednesday
  • The Transportation Security Administration advised airlines that terror groups are believed to be experimenting with explosives that could be implanted in buttocks and breasts, allowing suicide bombers to pass through airport body scanners undetected
  • If those fliers had collagen injections or dental implants, what's next may mean having their heads examined
  • "If they do it properly, like a breast implant where the skin is stretched to accommodate the device, it could work," said Prokay, who spent two and a half years in Iraq working to detect improvised explosive devices as a member of a U.S. Special Forces team

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