July 02, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Porn mogul's son says he fought off attackers

You admit you are a batterer,

  • "You admit you are a batterer," said Mitchell's defense attorney, Stuart Hanlon
  • In his first public statements since Keller's death on July 12, 2009, Mitchell offered his own version of events. Mitchell said he drove to the Diablo Court apartment where Keller and their baby lived, parked the car up the street and heard Keller scream for help
  • He described one assailant as a man in a white shirt with "very sky blue eyes," a buzz haircut, bad breath and "a little girth
  • The other assailant was a leaner, taller man with a black shirt, a buzz cut and "hairy arms," Mitchell said
  • Hastening into the yard, he was attacked by two men who were running from the scene, he said

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