May 25, 2015
Thu 07 Jul 2011

Man killed by grizzly at Yellowstone National Park

This is complicated because of where this has occurred,

  • "In an apparent attempt to defend a perceived threat to her cubs, the bear attacked and fatally wounded the man," the park stated in a statement
  • Park officials haven't taken any action against the bear, he said
  • "Another group of hikers nearby heard the victim's wife crying out for help, and used a cell phone to call 911." Investigators have been interviewing the woman about the bear attack, which took place on the Wapiti Lake Trail, close to Canyon Village and near the middle of the park, park spokesman Al Nash said
  • "It is in the backcountry of the park, and we have access challenges and limited communication." Park officials were working to clear the area of other hikers

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